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Naomi AgueroNaomi AgueroAffiliate Manager

Ian is not only intelligent, but he is truly a great professional. He values his business relationships greatly, cares for them and ultimately develops long lasting friendships. This stems from his deep-rooted commitment to act ethically in his business decisions. The online marketing industry is lucky to have Ian.

Jeff GreenbergJeff GreenbergAffiliate Manager

I first met Ian Fernando while I was an affiliate manager at Copeac. Ian is by far one of the most down to earth affiliates in our industry. His blog speaks for itself. He’s always making creative, helpful posts about traffic sources, optimizing campaigns or his involvement in unique business ventures. Even at the affiliate tradeshows/meetups, Ian is very approachable and always willing to answer questions. Ian is extremely knowledge in the affiliates space and it is a pleasure working with him.

Eric SchechterEric SchechterSocial Media Manager

Ian is hands down one of the brightest and most passionate people in the affiliate marketing industry today. His in depth knowledge, combined with his unique and fresh approach to internet marketing has made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Whether you’re a newbie or industry vet, you’ll want to make sure you constantly keep up with what Ian is doing, as he is always on to the next big thing way before anyone else. Ian is a great guy and someone I truly admire and respect.

Tovah SimonTovah SimonAffiliate Manager

Ian is a force to be reckoned with in the affiliate marketing space. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with him and what I learned very quickly is that aside from his entrepreneurial spirit and easy going personality his breadth of knowledge and depth of creativity in the field is truly amazing. I value his insight tremendously, hope to continue to hang with him, learn from and work with him more. You should find any way to do the same!

Tevye BrownTevye Brown

It is very rare that you get to spend time with an internet marketer at Ian’s level without having to pay.

Noah TyrrellNoah TyrrellIonizer Oasis

Ian have helped me in numerous ways. Simply being around him has helped launch me into the same mindset and reality he is. I remember telling Ian “Man…if I was just making $500 a week online, I’d be thrilled!”. Now I’m passed that and I can definitely say that the knowledge and techniques I learned from him definitely helped.

Nate WhitehillNate Whitehill

I have known Ian Fernando for several years and he is one of the preeminent experts in online marketing, blogging, product launches, social media and online networking. I highly recommend Ian, his blog, and any of his products. In just a few years, Ian’s blog and products have become extremely well known in the blogosphere and online!

Jack FitzGeraldJack FitzGerald

When I have asked you a question from time to time on Facebook chat I have found your advice very useful in guiding me in the right direction.

Chris PundChris Pund

Ian’s tactics and experiences are ones that young entrepreneurs and those new to making money online should definitely be following. Whether its Twitter, PPC, CPC, or product creation, Ian always has great tips and lessons to share with his readers to make money. Ian’s site and videos have helped me kick start my own ventures into PPC and affiliate marketing, so Thank You Ian!

Eric NagelEric Nagel

Ian brings out-of-the-box thinking to all of his marketing ideas. Whether he’s generating hype on Twitter, creating video testimonials, or simply blogging about the latest product release, Ian gets the word out. What makes Ian different from other marketers is his honest opinion – if Ian recommends a product, you know he tried it out personally and backs it himself.

Wesley MahlerWesley MahlerTracking202 Pro

When we were launching our product (tracking202) I contacted Ian asking for guidance. Although our company was brand new at the time, Ian was extremely open to providing assistance to us anyways. The type of person I saw in Ian that day, being someone who is genuinely interested in helping other people was something I greatly admired….he knows what he is talking about when I comes to performance marketing. A trusted friend, and an advisor…

Devin HunterDevin Hunter

Ian with the amount valuable CPA Marketing information you put on your blog and on your YouTube channel, it took me a couple of days to review it all. It is like getting up to speed on your wisdom. It is almost like sitting down 1 on 1 picking your brain with out having to travel to your home town.

Monica DurazoMonica Durazo

… Not only is Ian one of the most talented people I know — he is the inventor of rockin’  products! It’s like being around excellence, you’re just in awe. Effective, efficient and exciting…Like Ian

Emil PazEmil PazPPC Bully

Ian shows versatility in his marketing and affiliate campaigns. Eagerly wanting to know more about keywords and demographics put him where he is today. He is an up-coming expert when it comes to marketing online whether it be affiliate marketing, social branding, or even product creations. His mind is very potent to his tactical ventures.

Gabe GoldsteinGabe GoldsteinAdvertising.com

I learned more in that hour meeting that I have nearly all year. I was surprised that you were so open with sharing information, strategies, and business practices with us. I wish that I could repay you for that information…

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