Types of Advertising for All Businesses

Advertising is an indispensable part of every business. No matter what the business is about, it is essential to remind the customers regularly about the products or services offered.

Businesses have a variety of ways to advertise. While many new ideas have been devised to attract the customers, the conventional ways have still not lost their charm. Mentioned below are some of the time-tested and relevant ways of advertising that any business can use.

Print advertising

One of the oldest and most effective ways of advertising is print advertising. Any advertisement that is published in newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, and other form of print media falls under this category.

Broadcast advertising

It includes advertising through television and radio. Broadcast advertising is considered to be a popular and successful way of advertising because it reaches a vast number of people. The audio and visual elements of these media make the advertisement entertaining. The medium has the ability to engross the audience in the advertisement, even without them realizing that they are being drawn towards the brand.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising provides an array of innovative methods and opportunities to advertise. Everything from street and taxi advertising to billboards, banners, display stands, hoardings, and posters come under this category. It is a very cost effective method of advertising.

Online advertising

With a growing number of internet users, online advertising is becoming an important form of advertising. Banner ads, rich media ads, advertising on social networks, pop up ads, and advertising through emails, are all part of online advertising. These ads may take the user to the homepage of the product, when he clicks on the keywords or links.

Public service advertising

As the name indicates, these ads are not used for commercial purposes. They are designed to create awareness or to educate and inform the population, about topics of public interest.

Product placement advertising

In this form of advertising, the product being advertised is strategically incorporated into the content or background of movies or television shows. In this case, the viewer is not directly being persuaded to buy the product, but the placement of the product may somehow leave an impact on the viewer.

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