Archive | January, 2013

Growing from an Affiliate to a Product Owner

I have been in the affiliate game for a long while now and there has been tremendous changes and growth in this industry. With changes means you have to adapt to those changes or be a victim of those changes. It really becomes your choice in the end and I have seen the every changing […]

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Getting Hired as a Freelancer

These are not some baseless tips from someone who works as a freelancer. This post is about how to actually impress a hiring agent from someone who hires freelancers all the time. I have spent now at least six figures on different freelancers in my career, from small $10 projects to ones where I paid […]

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[Book Review] Shoemoney’s Book is a Joke

A week back Shoemoney hit me up to check out his book. Awesome, I needed a new book to read anyways. I was up for it. He sent me his PDF and about 2 days later I started reading it. If you know Shoemoney, he is very transparent and likes to conversate – he is passionate about […]

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