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adtech London 2012 Wrap Up and Craziness

After the Adsimilist Meetup, I traveled to London for the adtech London show. I basically took a train which was only a 2 hour ride. I did some work and typed up the Adsimilis blog post. I got to London and get settled in my Airbnb spot. Once I was comfortable, I went ahead to […]

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Huge List of PPC Platforms!

For those of you who are looking for more and more traffic sources to run some traffic on, here are all the ones that I know of that offer pay-per-click (PPC) models. For those not 100% sure how PPC Works, please read an earlier post on it. Google Adwords – The strongest of all PPC […]

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Pinterest WordPress Theme, Create Your Own Niche Pin Sites

It is evident today that many web users have been really interested with Pinterest. Web experts noticed it to be the fastest growing image-sharing network today. Hence, it is discovered to be an amazing tool for avid social media users to drive traffic to websites. Users can present and display a multitude of media formats […]

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