Archive | April, 2012

Video Interview: Are Networks Being Transparent with You?

The other day I did an interview with Murray Newlands for Perform Insider. I decided I want to share the interview with my readers as well, just incase  you missed it. Here is the video interview with the transcription below as well. Click here to view the embedded video. Murray: Hello, I’m Murray Newlands. Welcome to […]

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Let's Talk about Scaling our Businesses

Scaling your business is something that every single person who is in business wants to do, but often do not know how to do it properly. Or, they might be scared on how to do it. Or, you just don’t see the opportunity in front of you. How about I try and help you get […]

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Are You Watching & Monitoring Your Affiliate Links?

OfferSnitch is out and it has gotten better and looks much better as well. I released this tool last year at ad-tech San Fran and it started getting some buzz. So I decided this is a tool that is needed in the industry and which is needed to help protect affiliates. The biggest problem and […]

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