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CPA vs CPS: Why I am Better than those CPS Guys

Sunday at Affiliate Summit I spoke on a panel about something that is pretty controversial in our industry. The panel was about 2 different styles within the affiliate industry. The title of the panel “Industry Clash: Balancing CPS & CPA Marketing“, a really good panel for discussion. The panel included, Jason Rubacky, Logan Thompson, Greg […]

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What is Local Lead Generation?

When asked what is the most profitable service I offer locally, I always tell people that it is our lead generation department that does the most business out of anyone. And for good reason as well. Most affiliate marketers who are making good money are already excellent at getting leads, but that is where they […]

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I Don't Want To Be Poor!

A post by Shoemoney yesterday got me to thinking again about a topic that both amazes me and doesn’t at the same time. Shoe’s post was Millionaires continue to climb in the US as more people go out of work. In it, he talks about how the number of millionaires in the United States has […]

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