Archive | April, 2011

Keyword Research iPhone App Review

I just downloaded this keyword research app for my iPhone and I thought I would do a review and share it. It is a pretty straight forward app and it provided some very good results, like really good results. Keyword research is important, if you are on the go this is a great app for […]

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An Alternative to WorldProxy202

When doing international affiliate offers you want to check out the offer page as if you were in that specific country. It is important that you do because you want to cater a landing page or ad around that offer page. Or a problem that sometimes occur with international offers is conjoined countries do not […]

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Profiting in the Credit Report Niche

Pick a niche, any niche. I have done it. In all honesty, I probably have done a little bit of marketing in just about every niche that is out there. About the only thing I haven’t really dabbled in has been in the adult industry and anything dealing with pharmacy. Those things just never really […]

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