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Pay Attention To Your Domain Renewal Dates

If you’ve spent any amount of time working in the online world, you’ve likely let a domain lapse accidentally or heard of someone who has. For me, the first offense was a stock photography site I was working on with two other business partners. This was before stock photo sites were all the rage and […]

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Are You Making the Most of Your Mailings?

If you send a newsletter to your site users and are not in the habit of including affiliate offers, then you are missing out on an incredible earning opportunity. Adding a featured offer or two to your regularly scheduled mailings is a simple way to add visibility to your links and increase your conversions. Do […]

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Macy’s Takes (Back?) a Piece of Coupon Affiliates Pie

This month’s Internet Retailer magazine featured an article on the growing use of coupons, the ways these value-conscious consumers shop online, and what some merchants do to keep the frugal shopper yet by-pass affiliates. At this time the article is also available online here. It opens with these words:

Staffers at detected a new pattern in customer behavior last spring: consumers would add items to shopping carts, leave the site and then return with discount codes they had found on the web sites of Macy’s affiliates. Only then would they complete their purchases.

“We said, maybe we should just do this ourselves,” says Kent Anderson, president of

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This Blogging Mistake Could Cost You a Fortune

Bloggers are generally different than Internet marketers. Bloggers are typically known as those people who often update their blogs with new posts, whereas Internet marketers may only update their blogs once in a while.

The other BIG point of difference between bloggers and Internet marketers is that bloggers may or may not be building an email list, while ALL Internet marketers (at least those who know what they’re doing) are CONSISTENTLY building an email list.

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"Guru Status" = The Ultimate Selling Tool

I was reading a post by Zac Johnson (check out his blog at last week titled ShoeMoney System: One Month Later & Why It Works, and was quite honestly a little baffled by what I read. Zac was giving his two cents about the new ShoeMoney System that opened up, sold the 500 seat […]

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