How to Wake Up a Comatose Blog In 3 Steps

Is your blog not getting enough readers? Is your blog lacking traffic and comments? Is your blog income suffering?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, then it means your blog is in coma, and you probably don’t even realize it. But guess what. It’s not your fault. The 3 steps I’m about to reveal to you will get your blog up and running fast.

Just try these blogging tips; I promise good things will happen:

    • Visitors cruising through your blog like never before
    • Readers “worshipping” you like an idol
    • Blog income increasing naturally like rising sun.
  • Here’s what you need to do next [I share 3 blogging tips for beginners that even pro bloggers could use]Before we dig into the nitty gritty I need to mention something up front – a blog with 70% ads and 30% content is a dead blog anyway. The sad part is that these type of blogs can’t be resuscitated, unless you shift the strategy: publish 70% content and showcase 30% [or less] ads.

  • Step #1. Attract Comments Like a MagnetIf you want more comments on your post, you need to express it. Less than 1% of your readers will actually feel self-motivated to comment, unless you bribe them with something special or give them a reason to act now [we are lazy by nature, and sometimes you have to “lead” readers in the direction you want].

    Blogging tips – “10 Tips for Attracting More Comments

    Step #2. Jolt Your Page Rank

    There’s no secret about it. A high page rank is a sign of popular, high-traffic blog.

    Did you know this? Google loves giving link juice [which adds up to the page rank]. But you need to “deserve” it and play by the rules. Black-hat SEO tactics would be no sense. Suicide for a long-term “sticky” blog.

    Despite what most people think, a dying blog could easily bump its page rank from 0 to 2 or even more. You might want to hear how Marko @ HowtoMakeMyBlog did it

    How I got my blog from Google PageRank 0 to PR4 in two months

    Step #3. Increase Blog Traffic

    What is the reason to blog when nobody hears you? You got to have readers. More traffic usually equals more eye balls glueing to your content, which leads to more cash in your pocket.

    If you get people’s attention you’re one step away from getting in their wallet, legally and ethically.

    Interested in blog traffic increase? Read this post – “Blog traffic – From 0 to 200.000 visitors, 8 blogging lessons learned

    There you have it. 3 steps to wake up a comatose blog. Income comes naturally. No tricks involved.

    It’s your turn to comment now.

    Is your blog in coma or doing good? How are you going to resuscitate it?

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